The topic of the last room is the geochronological present era, and the impact of human civilisation and the man-made environmental changes on the life of our planet.

The visitor can also practice archaeology in the room, find out how rich is Mátra and its surroundings in archaeological findings, and use visual maps to find out to what extent the events of our history have influenced the population and living conditions of the surrounding area.

One of the interactive programs points out, that the size of the ecological footprint is not necessarily in proportion to shoe size.

We can recognize why selective waste collection is vital to us.  The environmentally conscious behaviour of the individual and the communities is the basis for sustainable development, which can ensure the long-term survival of man on the Earth. It is the responsibility and interest of man not only to keep his own comfort and standard of living in mind, but also to ensure the survival of those areas of the planet where the diversity of living things is extremely high. One of the elements of the exhibition presents these endangered biodiversity “hot points”.

Last but not least, on a spectacular multimedia table, the physical, chemical, biological background and relationships of various natural phenomena can be recognized. In the meantime, the visitor can recall the information they learned during the exhibition.

Those who visit the new exhibition of Mátra Museum and look at its elements can easily solve the various tasks of the online game.