The first room of the Experience Space is designed to satisfy the curiosity of those interested in rocks and minerals. One can learn about the rocks typical for Mátra. The minerals that make up these rocks become revealed. By using spectacular, fine-grained images, an interactive computer program also shows the chemical composition of the crystals in the images.

Through tangible mock-ups, the structure of crystals becomes clear. In addition to this, the visitor can try out in the room which mineral can be magnetized, and the brave ones can also test their taste buds.

Looking further, one can see mining tools that are still in use today or known from the stories of our grandparents. A film and an animation help us imagine what a mine looks inside and what a groove looks like.

Finally, informative animations help to understand the conditions and circumstances of the formation of stalactites and caves. It turns out, whether it is possible to draw a parallel between the development of stalactites and the formation of the annual rings of trees.